04 May 2012

What happen in April ?

 we ran 2XU @ Singapore (on 1 April) in support of Daffodil Days - Celebrating Hope for Cancer Patients

 L-R : Sasie (from Thailand), Carrie and me camwhore before the run start

 the medal, nice bor ? left was for the lady while the right was for guys

 following week on the 8 April we were at Brunei to run te half marathon, it was really an enjoyable event

 the police @ Brunei are really friendly

 and this lady police not only look cute, but smell good too ! :)

 me & Carrie were feature at their local daily, Brunei Times

 first time surrounded by so many ah moi @ Pacesetters Dinner (14 April)

 was elected into Pacesetter committee for year 2012 thus most of the Pacesetters' event henceforth I won't be running instead will be helping out and volunteering

 Bali Marathon on 22 April, I would say this is one of the most enjoyable and HOTTEST full marathon run we've ever participated, definately making plan to come back agian for this

 Br. Tey was kind enough to feature us at our local daily SIN CHEW on Malaysian runners

 picture coutesy from Sis. Lynn Guan, we always make it a point to cross (overseas event run) the finishing line with our country flag, coz we are pround to be MALAYSIAN !!!

 this is at Ulu Langat / Gombak, doing our 2nd year of "Orang Asli" run (28 April), very well organise by Sis. Karen Loh, to raise fund for the local community there

 right after the "Orang Asli" run, we travel to the KL city to support our friends at the BERSIH rally. that's Carrie with Pak Samad.

 Carrie with Ah Boon, if you watch enough TV, you should be able to recognise that funny guy at Old Town advert and also recently in Hotlink

L-R : Mr. Wong (my running sifu), Aleximon and Carrie

* more of all the above event photos can be view at my Facebook. sorry for letting this blog site silent for so long, as you can see, almost every weekend in April I was away "running". and tomorrow (5 May) I'll be leaving to Kota Kinabalu to do my 3rd Borneo Marathon ! (yipeee). shall be back with more photo from the land beneth the wind !!! till then, take care, run safe and stay happy yeah :)