19 January 2012

Hang Tuah got Facebook bor ?

and now, I want to create a new Facebook account and the name will be Nobody so when I see some stupid crap people post, I can Like it. And it will say Nobody Likes This : )

hmmm, think I seriously need to cut down my time on this, otherwise Carrie might probably throw a book to my face one day !!!

anyway, I was kind of "perplex" when I learned that the great warrior name Hang Tuah which I studied during my school days was just a fiction figure !!! ??? hello..., i spend hours reading that blady thick History book, and memorising it so that I can pass my History exam, and now you're telling me that Hang Tuah don't exist ? and he's just part of the Malay's stories of myths and legends !!!???

didn't I did read somewhere before that a group of historians whom were appointed by the goverment found the grave of Hang Tuah ? going deeper, they took DNA from said grave and found that Hang Tuah is actually a Chinese guy (probably goes by the name Hei Tu Yar ?). and that famous weapon that Hang Tuah used - "Kris Taming Sari", till date is still with our Sultan of Perak, so how can Hang Tuah don't exist ?... and please don't tell me later that Kris Taming Sari is also actually a weapon originated from China used by some Shaolin monk yeah !!!

to me, history is a beautiful subject and should not be tainted by myth and fiction...

Hang Tuah as painted by Hadibi @ gndagnor

17 January 2012

Hong Kong Marathon @ 5 Feb

despite there's two more weeks to go, we're already getting excited over it already now. you, yes, the one reading my blog now, will i be seeing you there ??? weather are expected to be cold on said date thus don't forget to get yourself a pair of disposal gloves and disposal rain coat. you can get a reasonable good one at Daiso, the $5 ringgit shop...

this will be my 3rd time running said event. first time was in year 2010, which is also the first year the organiser gave out finishing medal to all full marathoners' finisher. yeap, all previous year they only gave participants a souvenir memento. local Hongkie find the weather for said year hot though for me it was just nice...

second time was last year 2011 where i ran with Carrie and she got her PB. this year, she will challenge herself to do a sub-5. hopefully i'm ready and fit enough to run along side with her all the way to achieve it. we also manage to register to run under PolyU running group where a additional Nike t-shirt will be given to us and some goodies at the end, weeezzzz :)

comparison on the flight plus lodging cost (for 2 pax), last year trip was 5 days 4 night via AisAsiaGo and it cost us RM$3026. this year, we cut down 1 day to 4 days 3 nights and booked it via MasHoliday, cost us this time RM$2602. a good deal if you ask me coz we're flying via MAS, and the main reason we're cutting the 1 day is so that we don't have to apply for leave from work. depart on Sat 4 Feb and return on Tue 7 Feb. Both 6 Feb (Mon) and 7 Feb (Tue) is a public holiday. this way we can save our annual leave for other overseas run :)

16 January 2012

really huh ? :)

being Chinese have no advantage on the age compare to others, as we Chinese have 2 birthday per year. one is your actual date of birth according to the current Gregorian calendar, and the other is our Chinese lunar calendar. so if you are not Chinese and you are born in the same year as me, chances are my age are double of yours... whatever, comes this coming CNY, I'm glad no one will ask me how old am I anymore coz' I'm married !!! weeeezzz :) in our Chinese culture, if you're already started working and still not married, rest assure you'll be quiz by your relatives on your age and why are you still not attached (for non-stop), and it can be pretty irritating !!! well, the table have change now as I'll be the one quizzing my non-married relatives this time. the setback is, i'm now expected to give away money to these single buggers in the form of ang pow which again by Chinese custom a requirement. damm !!!!!, now i realise why i was "force" to get married the soonest possible...

15 January 2012

Mizuno Wave Run @ 15 Jan.

a nice hilly 10km competetive run before we celebrate Chinese New Year next week. woke up as early as 5am in the morning. the journey to the run site event (which is at UPM Sedang) took us about 50 mins. despite many of our regular running friends didn't participate this event, the venue was pack with people already when we arrived. parking was as usual a woe. the ladies category started sharp at 7am, followed by the men category 10 minutes later. was pushing myself hard in order to catch up with Carrie, but somehow I think she was running pretty fast today thus' i didn't manage to see her on the route till i was back at the event venue. she completed the race slight a minute after 1hour, while i was about 55 minutes. breakfast was plentifully provided by the organiser Pacesetters, as usual another well organise run !!! more pictures can be view at my facebook...

14 January 2012


All the best Bro. Lawrence as you & your wife move forward to the Maple Land !!!

13 January 2012

Project 10/111

We were given : two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else, for us to find...

12 January 2012

Civilized Society ?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best test of a civilized society is the way in which it treats its most vulnerable and weakest members". I believe it is the only test that matters because if the weakest are well taken care of, everyone else has to be alright.

As we prepare to usher into "Chinese New Year" next weekend, I believes many of you will be probably very busy now doing shopping and stocking up goodies for said celebration. Just wish to encourage you guys to spend wisely and not wastefully. We used to hear people saying to purchased only what you can afford, but here's I would like to change that to purchased only what you really need. Let's discard the traditional boastful way of celebration, instead let's us share this coming celebration 'humbly' with the people that is less fortune around us...

10 January 2012

Project 9/111

Marriage is give and take. You’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway :)

09 January 2012

just simple

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.

04 January 2012

Newton 25km Run

i find this picture....... nice !!! hehehe, just look at Carrie's pia face : )

03 January 2012

Pacemakers Gathering @ 1 Jan 2012

"It is better to be in chains with friends , than to be in a garden with strangers."

02 January 2012

Newton 25km @ 1 Jan 2012

nothing is more precious and enjoyable than spending 3 hrs 3mins 3 secs on a 25km running route with you wife on the first day of 2012 !!! : )