05 May 2011

adiNation & Borneo Marathon

adiNation Breakfast Run @ Metropolitan Park, Kepong on 30 April

these guys are really hungry huh ? :)

Borneo Marathon @ Kota Kinabalu on 01 May

(L-R) my darling Carrie with Ruby and Erni

the famous Doctor Pui San, Uncle Oliver (69 years old) and Carrie

even celebrity runners were there Mr. Yim aka Sarong Man and Khairul Anuar aka Thai Maniac

AirAsia support crew, later learnt that the reason they are there is becoz the CEO of AirAsia X were running there too

half way there...

beautiful (HOT HOT) running route, sun rises earlier this part of the world

Maybel (our running sifu Terence's wife) and Carrie

yeap, 10km more to the finishing line

the noisy brunch !!! (L-R) Mohan, noise victim, me & Jennifer

* Next Run : KL Night Towerthon Challenge (7 May) & Bomba Run (8 May)