11 April 2011

Hydration ? I click "LIKE" !!!

I didn't run on Friday, I didn't run on Saturday, and I didn't run again on Sunday. All becoz I went "hydrating" myself with plenty of good food !!! :) Self will be away at Kota Kinabalu this coming weekend (15-19 Apr) to scale a moutain via feratta. Come back soon for another round of photo update...

Next run - 23 Apr (KTM Run) and 24 Apr (Bidor Half Marathon)

05 April 2011

Orang Asli Charity Run

Orang Asli, which mean aboriginal people in Malay. A group of kind hearted runners organise said event over the weekend (3 April @ Batu 16, Jalan Gombak) to raise fund in support for said (unreached) group. It was a short 8km trail run which we can proudly claim that we are the very first group of people that run there as nobody have ever run said trail before...

a short story here on one of the many aboriginal type in Malaysia

Carrie and me at the starting point

even the Singapore's "FAT BIRD" running team were there to support

the usual running gang. L-R : Henry, Alexis, Lawrence, Yim, Carrie and Yin Yin

first aider ready and well prepare for the just-in-case

L-R : Crystal Lim and Rachel Yau

i only know the lady wearing jacket second from the left, Ms.Tan Yan Sok, rest not sure

that's Shanaz and Yanna, both lady will be in action at Paris Marathon this weekend (10 Apr)

my darling Carrie crossing one of the many stream in the jungle with some of the oboriginal children behind her

me trying to be artistic here by taking these wild jungle mushroom picture

a short road route to run after coming out from the jungle trail

more picture of said event can be view at my FaceBook

you have to ask her (Yanna) what she saw that she had that face on her

a run without food in the end is never complete !!! here's Derrick (the guy in red) with his running buddy at the same restaurant we went after said event