28 March 2011

THANKS Lonely Planet & Shangri-La

Time indeed move faster when you're busy (and running). It's been more than a month since the last I updated this blog, thus it's my sincere apology to those who have been faithfully coming week after week to "check" on me only to find the same old Safari Zoo news I posted weeks back. (Yes, I roughly know who check my blog as I can trace it from the IP address) each time you log into my blog-site)...

Since I've always been the man with few words, I shall briefly update here with a trail of photos leading from the time I last blog till... eerrr, maybe till a bit of the future event I'll be doing...

20 Feb - running next to a Shark-Man @ Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Pui San the Lovely Running Doctor, Sir Mohan the Marathon Maniac and my darling Carrie

that's Terence, (our running sifu) who encourange Carrie along the route

me and Carrie with our proud Malaysia's flag at the finishing line

the finishing medal

26 Feb - Kuala Lumpur Heritage Xplorace

the crowd at Xplorace

though we manage to complete all the task, we have points deducted due to exceeded time

with the "Chap Ayam" running group friends

27 Feb - a short 10km recovery run at Bangi

06 Mar - Adidas Nation Breakfast Run event

L-R : Alexis, Carrie, Pui San & Sue

crowd at the starting line

L-R : Lawrence, Alexis, Yin Yin, Pui San, Carrie and Henry

12 Mar - City Day Run @ Dataran Merdeka

Carrie collecting her finishing medal

KL City Day's run medal

01 May - Bareno Run

L-R : Daniel, Anita, Mohan, Nik and Carrie

with the 2 famous running celebrity. Khairul, myself and Yim

Bareno 21KM medal with Carrie (B) and my (A) position number

20 Mar - Klang UNITY run

that's Yeong and Soh Bee, my KEC gym buddy

Shereen and Vincent bump into Mr. Lum Oldman along the route

the VIPs (Klang Police Chief, Dato Steven and Mr. Johnson) that's Mr.Mohan, he's chief event organiser for said event
nice traditional Malay breakfast after a good morning run, this is the "CHAP AYAM" running group

L-R : Yeong, Shereen, Ken Tan, Vincent, Kong Hooi, Soh Bee and Carrie

KEC Unity Run medal

and finally... in the month of January I joined a contest under Lonely Planet and wooohooo... got the grand prize of 2 night stay at Shangri-La S'pore with breakfast !!! never in my current capacity will i be able to stay at Shangri-La if its not for this. going to use it on my next trip to S'pore during the 100Plus Passion Run....

my next run will be this coming Sunday 4 Apr, a charity in nature run. come back then for more details and pictures yeah...