14 February 2011

Safari Zoo & Valentine Run @ Singapore

went down to Singapore over the weekend to participate this event.

Carrie showing the running route here.

Carrie & me at the starting line.

running inside the safari zoo was indeed humid despite it rained earlier.

water station was sufficient, well done.

the 3km route marker, nice.

with our Malaysia's flag after finishing the race

next day morning, we participated the Valentine Run @ Bedok Reservoir.

registration fees was only SIN$10 per person and we got a dry fit t-shirt, a rose for the ladies, light breakfast and a towel.

running towards the finishing line.

our new friends

on the podium with the local Minister, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan and our Malaysian flag !!!

having our 'brunch' at Bedok hawker center.

our new friend, Andy Ng, whom assisted us a lot in moving around during our time there. he works at the airport with a dog !!! cool yeah ? he's with the K9 police unit.

our last meal at Singapore - SABOTEN (a Japanese Tonkatsu Restaurant) which is located in the airport, Carrie loves it to the max !

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07 February 2011

CNY is all about EATing

Our local running celebrity - Pui San, add EXTRA rice to reward herself for running 4 days back to back during CNY (Chinese New Year).
L-R : Pui San & Henry. We ordered 2 different type of BKT (Bah Kut Teh) to enjoy after a long morning run.
L-R : Elaine and Carrie
L-R : Alexis, (Pui San hidden as she's busy text'ing on the Iphone), Henry, Elaine & Carrie

this is one expensive "lou sang" - RM$80 !!!
Carrie & me
with the cute & chubby baby Amanda
Lisa Soo (the event organiser) and Katherine (who's currently working @ DHL S'pore)
L-R : the hot RED couple - Eddy & wife, Pooi Fong and Shereen
Adrian getting the "lou sang" ready for us to mix