31 January 2011

Time for a break

It's the time of the year again. The Chinese community in Malaysia will be celebrating the Lunar New Year starting 3 Feb (which will last 15 days till 17 Feb). As for me, I'll be off from work beginning Wed afternoon onwards and back to office on 7 Feb. Didn't apply for any additional annual-leave as are saving it for the coming oversea marathon runs.

Hereby, wishing readers of this blog a Blessed Chinese New Year with good health in the Bunny year. Year 2010 has been a good running year for both Carrie and me. As such we'll be hoping 2011 to be a much greater year not only in our running but also in our relationship with each others. Below are our tentative running schedules, catch us there yeah...

01-01-2011 Klang 5km Run
23-01-2011 POAWP Cross Country
29-01-2011 Putrajaya Twillight Run

12-02-2011 Safari Zoo Run (Singapore)
13-02-2011 Valentine Run (Singapore)
20-02-2011 Hong Kong Marathon
26-02-2011 KL Heritage Xplorace / MISC Walkathon
27-02-2011 Larian Bangi Perdana

12-03-2011 City Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
13-03-2011 Bareno Half Marathon 2011 (Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil)
14-19 Mar KL-Maran Walk
20-03-2011 Klang Executive Club Run (KEC, Klang)
20-03-2011 World Kidney Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
27-03-2011 Malay Mail Big Walk (Dataran Merdeka)

02-04-2011 KL Tower Challenge
15 - 19 Apr Mount K.K. Trip
16-04-2011 Energizer Night Run
24-04-2011 Bidor Half Marathon

01-05-2011 Borneo Marathon
08-05-2011 Coca-Cola Run (Dataran Merdeka)
21-05-2011 100 Plus Passion Run (Singapore)
29-05-2011 Ekiden Relay 2011 (Putrajaya)
29-05-2011 Adidas SUNDOWN (Singapore)

05-06-2011 Setia Alam Eco-Run (Shah Alam)
26-06-2011 Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 (Dataran Merdeka)

03-07-2011 Media Run (Press Club KL)
03-07-2011 NTV7 Feel Good Run
10-07-2011 Siemens Run (Dataran Merdeka)
17-07-2011 Olympic Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
17-07-2010 DIGI Pacesetter Kuantan TC Run
24-07-2010 Klang Centro Run
24-07-2011 12 Hour FTAAA Run Circuit (Putrajaya)
30-07-2011 Shape Night Run (Putrajaya)

07-08-2011 Hat Yai Nature Run (Hatyai)

16-09-2011 Admiral Run

30-10-2011 Genting TrailBlazer (Genting Awana)
22-10-2011 Climbathon (Kota Kinabalu)
30-10-2011 New Balance Pacesetter 30KM Run

05-11-2011 Klang Hash House 30th Anniversary Run
13-11-2011 Powerman
20-11-2011 Penang Bridge Run
27-11-2011 Bangkok Marathon

04-12-2011 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
04-12-2011 Angkor Wat Half Marathon
18-12-2100 Malakoff 12km
26-12-2011 MR25 (Singapore)

24 January 2011

FTAAA Cross Country

this is my 2nd medal for year 2011, happy that me and Carrie manage to obtain it as it was limited to only first 100 participants whom complete for the men open category and 50 for the women open category.

L-R : Carrie and Reen. we arrived early there so have extra time to camwhore around the place. for my visitor friends who don't understand Malay language on the banner - SELAMAT DATANG means WELCOME. MERENTAS DESA TERBUKA means CROSS COUNTRY OPEN.

L-R : Ruby, Carrie & Reen. they are the regular female runners you'll seen around at most of the Klang Valley organized run.

one of the FTAAA official explaning the rules and route to the participants.

into the 3+ km hot & humid jungle trail. total lenght for the men open was about 9+ km (according to someone GPS). women open and men veteran only need to do about 6+ km.

that's my position number in the men's open category, with time taken around 55 minutes to complete. even thought the route was really tough with lots of sloops and hills to conquer, i was happy with my result.

me with Ironman Yip here. he finished in 6th position in the men's open category, time taken around 40+ minutes only !!!

me with Steven, another strong veteran runner. he's also the President of Kota Kemuning Runners' Club.

Reen come back in 22nd position in her women open category.

my new "sweet & sweaty" friend, Ms.Wati. she finished in 25th position.

Ruby, who is one of my fellow Klang runner friends, finish in 28th postition.

and finally, saw my darling Carrie coming back slightly after one hour to be in 34th postition.

Yen Erl (in red) and Tan Yit Chang in the middle. the one on the right i can't recall his name.

L-R : Pui San and Alexis in sporting running skirt. they didn't participate at said event, instead went for LSD earlier in the morning and return there to support us.

finally, a group photo with fellow runners. more pictures available to view at my facebook.

16 January 2011

Pacesetter LSD @ 16 Jan

We were suppose to join Terrence and the gang for said LSD but by the time we arrived at the meeting point (6.30am), all of them have already gone. Car park were full with so many runners around, it was just like another race day at the venue. So we decided to run on our own then, to Solaris and back which cover about 15+km or more or less. Carrie run better today compare when she was running on the day before on Saturday (at double hill route). No vomit and with a good pace.

L-R : Carol, Lawrence, Carrie. We meet up with them on our way back to Bukit Aman. Stopping there for water which are courtesy from the PACESETTERS' Club.

fast and furious Pacemakers runners

That's Mr.Wan with his famous signature "pull" milk-tea !!! nice :)

Fellow runners enjoying the pot-luck. Provided by runners for runners !!!

L-R : Carrie, Pui San, Alexis and Uncle Oliver, who is 69 years old !!! Mohan Marathon commented that this photo may not add years to his life but surely add life to his years !!! well said.

Fellow runners don't mind waiting for Mr.Wan famous pull milk tea.

L-R : Nik Raiha, Mohan Marathon, Wai Mun, YKK, and Pui San.

L-R : Carrie, Pui San and Agnes digging into all the delicious available. More like a Eat'athon event.

Alex - the famous Malaysian runner who's "Powered by JESUS" wooohooooo !!!

L-R : Me, Mohan, Sofian, Hoo Ching Cheong and Yip Weng Tak. All the people above (except me) are IRONMAN participants!!!

This is one of the photo I like the most coz have most of my favorite people in it. L-R : Uncle Oliver, Elaine, Carrie, Aleximon, Karen Loh, Nik Raiha, Carol and Lawrence.

10 January 2011

Charity Dinner for GSH Education Fund

The other passion of mine besides running, I'm also actively involved in charity with one of the orphanage home in Klang Valley called Good Samaritan Home. Said home have about 32 orphanage children now. And beginning 2011, they'll have 7 little toddlers whom will be ready for Kindergarten (pre-school) whereby each kid would require about RM$2,400 in term of school fees for the whole year. 7 kids mean the home would need extra RM$16,800 for it !!!

Together with few good friends, namely Shereen Tan and Reen Ong, I spearhead said Education Fund project in mid-December in order to raise enough money to send these 7 little kids to school without adding extra financial burden to the home. Thanks to our many generous friends & donor, we manage to achieved more than the require amount within less than a month. Said charity dinner (on 9 Jan @ Klang Executive Club) was the last event for said project, whereby a total of RM$11,000 was raised through it.

Even though we have successfully reached our target for said "pre-school Education Fund", the home do still need our continuous assistance on their other daily expenses like food, clothing, transport, etc. As such, anyone who wish to participate in contributing to these needs, it would be very much appreciated by the home. Details of the home as follows ;

2, Lebuh Jelutong, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.
Contact Number : +6 03 33722289.
Contact Person : Pastor Albert Ong / Auntie Y.M. Tey / Pastor Esther Ong

Christmas Fruits Cake project (lead by Reen Ong) which contributed RM$4750

one of the little kiddie whom thanks to your generous support, she'll be going to pre-school without problem. (picture taken by Carrie)

L-R : Shereen, Alan Wong and K.M. Yeong

L-R : Reen Ong, Shereen Tan and Carrie

our generous donor friends !!! BIG THANKS to you guys

Reen Ong with Timothy

Standing : Richard & Jennifer
Seated : Badrul & Kim

L-R : Auntie YM, Eileen and Shereen

some of the kids from the home

some of the kids from the home

05 January 2011

Starting 2011

First medal for the year !!! 1.1.11 nice...

with fellow Pacemakers member (L-R) : Carrie, Kei Ming, Sue Wong and Y.S.Lee

L-R : ultramarathoner Uncle Wong, me and Chester Wong

our 1 Jan breakfast @ Chong Kok, Klang

Pacemakers' Anniversary Dinner (L-R) : Pui San, Carrie, Sue Wong, Alexis

Carrie with Uncle Kelvin and Mr. Adam "Hannah" Kok

(L-R) KK Yum,. Carrie and Uncle Kelvin

happy hours & more drinking @ KK Yum rental apartment
## more pictures available to view at my facebook ##