28 February 2014

Trying TO Get Back

I believe as I mature my priorities change too.

The things that are important to me right now are no longer the status, power or winning competitions.
It’s about living a life with love and humour. Love to understand and humour to endure.
It’s about learning to help the less fortunate.
It’s about leading with good intent of the heart.


Last weekend I was away at Kota Kinabalu for the company Sales Seminar and workshop. It was a 3 days 2 night affairs, and a costly one ! Room per night was around RM$600 I was told, that not inclusive of food yet. Good thing its under company accounts otherwise I don't think I will ever have the opportunity to stay there...  

 my room number

 spacious right ? all all to myself, if only...

she's probably the youngest bikini lady I saw during my stay there. rest are mostly senior citizen already !!! I guess only the retired and older folks have money to spend there...

when I saw this 2 lady, it remind me of Uncle Shane Lee. not related to me however I really enjoy reading his blog whenever I'm stress at work. I find his blog very "educational" too coz he shared lot lots of his life experience there ! he's a retired Malaysian, now residing in Otario CANADA. don't bother google his name to look for his blog coz' his blog is very exclusive one, only invited reader get to log in and read it...

variety of liquors & wines served, and I'm glad I didn't touch a drop of it
 only Shangri La hotels provide such generous amount of fruits in the room

 loves their breakfast, especially this fruits juice corner

 sunset @ Kota Kinabalu

 dinner venue on the second night

 it's good to know that Shangri La have set aside some land in their area for this, nice trail walk within the 5 star hotel vicinity

 sinking boat ?
another attraction of Shangri La Rasa Ria hotel, they run this conservation program for Orang Utan

1 comment:

Shane said...

Hi Dannie, love your this posting! Outstanding!
Can't help laughing at your humour re that bikini lady, and "mostly senior citizens", ha ha ha.
But Holy smoke! Rgt 600 for a room? Thats way up in the Stratosphere prices!

I guess my being retired, no more expense account will have to chari place no need rub chest, ha ha.
Used to travel to KK, as well Sarawak quite often my working days, but always on a quick in and out business trips. Never had the time go on safari there, ha ha.

Hey, you are a very good photographer....love that sunset scene. Great angle shots.
You keep well, have a great week, and ha ha, thanks for the mention.