02 November 2012

Usual Morning @ Fitness First, Empire SUBANG

MONDAY - gym was quiet, and Aleximon suggest I do pole dance on the treadmill !

TUESDAY - sky was heavy, expecting water to fall however it didn't

WEDNESDAY - tested my new BROOKS PURE, lighter in weight however lack in stability

THURSDAY - actually enjoy working out without the cold air, can sweat more isn't it ?

FRIDAY - revert back to my MIZUNO WAVE, however still undecided which to use for PBIM

FRIDAY - and I really hate those Auntie filling up thier tumbler with Green Tea thus finishing it before I can have a cup after my workout !! grrrr !!!

and the routine will start all over agian next week...

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone ! Where ever you are, stay safe yeah :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Dannie, how you doin'? Wow! Good to know you doing exercises. Wayyy to go!
I have slowed down on my exercises, just brisk walks.
But now it's winter and temp cold, just do simple pushups and sit-ups.

That Seaview restaurant for seafood still there?
My last visit to Klang was 1983.
You have a nice day, stay easy.

Shane said...

Hi Dannie, just dropped by say hello.
How you doin'?
Best regards.

dannie chOOng said...

Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for dropping by here. I'm fine. Is this a hint that I should start back writing blog again ?? :)