22 October 2012

4th Quarter of 2012 already ?

Once again, the FB have manage to over-power me on that little free time that I have left in a day to be devoted to it more rather that allowing me to update my blog as much as I'm suppose to !!! Sorry “bloggie”, I will try to come back actively as much as I can…

As the Earth revolved consistently around the Sun, I used to believes that everyone have the equal number of hours per day, which is 24 hours, however lately I’ve been doubting whether I was only given 23 hours or worse 22 hours only !!!??? My day seems to pass by rather fast, and not to mentioned my night too coz’ somehow at the rise of each day, my body just seems to be complaining to me that I’m no spending enough time with my bed. Do you guys felt the same or it is only me that is standing on “this” blind spot of the earth that the rotation around the universe is shorter ?

And gosh, it's almost end of October now, given another 2 more months and we'll be celebrating Christmas and New Year ?? Don't you think the Earth have been turning rtaher fast lately ???....

 Kenyenporean who do not need introduction, trying to cool my wife down due to the usual extreme Malaysian heat. Darling, treasure the moment, not often you get said treatment from a runing icon of Asia !

 Borneo Marathon 2012, not sure if going to make it again for next year. Flight ticket have gone up much recently...

 Fun Costume Run @ NTV7, L-R : Shereen, Aleximon, myself and Carrie

 Sifu Terrence (with Carrie) whom we have not seen for a long time since we have stop our training at Bukit Aman. The distance is just too far for us to be there on a weekly basis, but we'll try to be there once a while to ctach up with the TPRC gang.

 me and my wife, behind us is KLCC.

 we were not running participants for said event, but were volunteers.

 my wife got 8th position at the recennt Klang Centro run, congrat darling ! :)

 it's been a while since we last take photo together

 that's the "in-famous" NIKE run at KL

 Carrie with the dude from hits FM, JJ and Ean is it ? can't remember their name coz I seldom listen to radio these days as my car radio is not working liow, only can play CD.

that's my 10KM running cert, not bad timing considering half of the time I was walking, taking picture and talking to strangers !!! :)

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