16 January 2012

really huh ? :)

being Chinese have no advantage on the age compare to others, as we Chinese have 2 birthday per year. one is your actual date of birth according to the current Gregorian calendar, and the other is our Chinese lunar calendar. so if you are not Chinese and you are born in the same year as me, chances are my age are double of yours... whatever, comes this coming CNY, I'm glad no one will ask me how old am I anymore coz' I'm married !!! weeeezzz :) in our Chinese culture, if you're already started working and still not married, rest assure you'll be quiz by your relatives on your age and why are you still not attached (for non-stop), and it can be pretty irritating !!! well, the table have change now as I'll be the one quizzing my non-married relatives this time. the setback is, i'm now expected to give away money to these single buggers in the form of ang pow which again by Chinese custom a requirement. damm !!!!!, now i realise why i was "force" to get married the soonest possible...

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