15 January 2012

Mizuno Wave Run @ 15 Jan.

a nice hilly 10km competetive run before we celebrate Chinese New Year next week. woke up as early as 5am in the morning. the journey to the run site event (which is at UPM Sedang) took us about 50 mins. despite many of our regular running friends didn't participate this event, the venue was pack with people already when we arrived. parking was as usual a woe. the ladies category started sharp at 7am, followed by the men category 10 minutes later. was pushing myself hard in order to catch up with Carrie, but somehow I think she was running pretty fast today thus' i didn't manage to see her on the route till i was back at the event venue. she completed the race slight a minute after 1hour, while i was about 55 minutes. breakfast was plentifully provided by the organiser Pacesetters, as usual another well organise run !!! more pictures can be view at my facebook...

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