25 November 2011


HE :running marathons is bad for your health lah !!!

ME : huh ?? really ar ?? why you say so ?

HE : it will destroy your joints...

ME : sure bor ??

HE : give you arthritis, knee problem when you're old...

ME : jialat ler...

HE : and make your heart work too hard that it will stop !

ME : hmmm, in that case should I take up smoking or competitive eating ?

HE : eeerrrr...

ME : maybe indulge myself with Ramly burger or Pak Nasser nasi lemak ?

HE : no lah, just that life is short. must enjoy meh...

ME : but i enjoy running ler...

HE : you all siow one lor, sunday wake up so early to run...

HE : got nothing else better to do meh ??

HE : run so much for what ?, one day also will die what !

ME : true lah, but I want to die healthy and looking good lor...

HE : ...

Yesterday 24 Nov was Thanksgiving day, thus taking this opportunity to express my thanks here for a wonderful year thus far....

My wife, has more patience than any person I know in the universe.

My family, who never ceases to amaze me with their love and strength.

For my running buddies, whom I love seeing at the races.

For my friends, who make me a better person every single day.

For my career, which challenges me and never gives me the same day twice.

For a hard run, and for the reminder that even if today wasn't my day, there's always be another race. Another day. Another chance to breathe hard again.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone !!! :)

Carrie and me will be at Morib Run this Sat (26/Nov), the Nike Run on Sun (27/Nov). Will try to update this blog more often in the future...

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Anonymous said...

Reminded me of a song title 'We will be faithful'

Forgetting what lies behind
Keeping our eyes on the prize
Keeping our eyes on the Lord Jesus
Running the race to win
All the way to the end
Laying down all that seems to
Hinder us

We'll be faithful to our calling
For You are able to keep us from falling
For in Your promise
We will trust
You'll be faithful to finish
The work that You began in us
You'll be faithful to finish
The work You began in us

God bless you & Carrie.