07 February 2011

CNY is all about EATing

Our local running celebrity - Pui San, add EXTRA rice to reward herself for running 4 days back to back during CNY (Chinese New Year).
L-R : Pui San & Henry. We ordered 2 different type of BKT (Bah Kut Teh) to enjoy after a long morning run.
L-R : Elaine and Carrie
L-R : Alexis, (Pui San hidden as she's busy text'ing on the Iphone), Henry, Elaine & Carrie

this is one expensive "lou sang" - RM$80 !!!
Carrie & me
with the cute & chubby baby Amanda
Lisa Soo (the event organiser) and Katherine (who's currently working @ DHL S'pore)
L-R : the hot RED couple - Eddy & wife, Pooi Fong and Shereen
Adrian getting the "lou sang" ready for us to mix

1 comment:

ahlost said...

wow.. this lou sang post makes me miss yee sang from sushi king.. OMG !!

and and I saw Pui San too at Bareno Run :D She's quite famous hor.. How did she end up become celebrity runner?