31 January 2011

Time for a break

It's the time of the year again. The Chinese community in Malaysia will be celebrating the Lunar New Year starting 3 Feb (which will last 15 days till 17 Feb). As for me, I'll be off from work beginning Wed afternoon onwards and back to office on 7 Feb. Didn't apply for any additional annual-leave as are saving it for the coming oversea marathon runs.

Hereby, wishing readers of this blog a Blessed Chinese New Year with good health in the Bunny year. Year 2010 has been a good running year for both Carrie and me. As such we'll be hoping 2011 to be a much greater year not only in our running but also in our relationship with each others. Below are our tentative running schedules, catch us there yeah...

01-01-2011 Klang 5km Run
23-01-2011 POAWP Cross Country
29-01-2011 Putrajaya Twillight Run

12-02-2011 Safari Zoo Run (Singapore)
13-02-2011 Valentine Run (Singapore)
20-02-2011 Hong Kong Marathon
26-02-2011 KL Heritage Xplorace / MISC Walkathon
27-02-2011 Larian Bangi Perdana

12-03-2011 City Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
13-03-2011 Bareno Half Marathon 2011 (Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil)
14-19 Mar KL-Maran Walk
20-03-2011 Klang Executive Club Run (KEC, Klang)
20-03-2011 World Kidney Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
27-03-2011 Malay Mail Big Walk (Dataran Merdeka)

02-04-2011 KL Tower Challenge
15 - 19 Apr Mount K.K. Trip
16-04-2011 Energizer Night Run
24-04-2011 Bidor Half Marathon

01-05-2011 Borneo Marathon
08-05-2011 Coca-Cola Run (Dataran Merdeka)
21-05-2011 100 Plus Passion Run (Singapore)
29-05-2011 Ekiden Relay 2011 (Putrajaya)
29-05-2011 Adidas SUNDOWN (Singapore)

05-06-2011 Setia Alam Eco-Run (Shah Alam)
26-06-2011 Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 (Dataran Merdeka)

03-07-2011 Media Run (Press Club KL)
03-07-2011 NTV7 Feel Good Run
10-07-2011 Siemens Run (Dataran Merdeka)
17-07-2011 Olympic Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
17-07-2010 DIGI Pacesetter Kuantan TC Run
24-07-2010 Klang Centro Run
24-07-2011 12 Hour FTAAA Run Circuit (Putrajaya)
30-07-2011 Shape Night Run (Putrajaya)

07-08-2011 Hat Yai Nature Run (Hatyai)

16-09-2011 Admiral Run

30-10-2011 Genting TrailBlazer (Genting Awana)
22-10-2011 Climbathon (Kota Kinabalu)
30-10-2011 New Balance Pacesetter 30KM Run

05-11-2011 Klang Hash House 30th Anniversary Run
13-11-2011 Powerman
20-11-2011 Penang Bridge Run
27-11-2011 Bangkok Marathon

04-12-2011 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
04-12-2011 Angkor Wat Half Marathon
18-12-2100 Malakoff 12km
26-12-2011 MR25 (Singapore)


Adam said...

I work with some people who are in Shanghai - the time off for new years is awesome!!

You have a TON of races planned!

TW Ong said...

how i can register for the larian bangi perdana??