16 January 2011

Pacesetter LSD @ 16 Jan

We were suppose to join Terrence and the gang for said LSD but by the time we arrived at the meeting point (6.30am), all of them have already gone. Car park were full with so many runners around, it was just like another race day at the venue. So we decided to run on our own then, to Solaris and back which cover about 15+km or more or less. Carrie run better today compare when she was running on the day before on Saturday (at double hill route). No vomit and with a good pace.

L-R : Carol, Lawrence, Carrie. We meet up with them on our way back to Bukit Aman. Stopping there for water which are courtesy from the PACESETTERS' Club.

fast and furious Pacemakers runners

That's Mr.Wan with his famous signature "pull" milk-tea !!! nice :)

Fellow runners enjoying the pot-luck. Provided by runners for runners !!!

L-R : Carrie, Pui San, Alexis and Uncle Oliver, who is 69 years old !!! Mohan Marathon commented that this photo may not add years to his life but surely add life to his years !!! well said.

Fellow runners don't mind waiting for Mr.Wan famous pull milk tea.

L-R : Nik Raiha, Mohan Marathon, Wai Mun, YKK, and Pui San.

L-R : Carrie, Pui San and Agnes digging into all the delicious available. More like a Eat'athon event.

Alex - the famous Malaysian runner who's "Powered by JESUS" wooohooooo !!!

L-R : Me, Mohan, Sofian, Hoo Ching Cheong and Yip Weng Tak. All the people above (except me) are IRONMAN participants!!!

This is one of the photo I like the most coz have most of my favorite people in it. L-R : Uncle Oliver, Elaine, Carrie, Aleximon, Karen Loh, Nik Raiha, Carol and Lawrence.


misszippy said...

Love Uncle Oliver--he's awesome! Looks like a great day.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Sounds really tough - racing in the humidity and with hills would not be easy! Congrats to you and your friends, too!