24 January 2011

FTAAA Cross Country

this is my 2nd medal for year 2011, happy that me and Carrie manage to obtain it as it was limited to only first 100 participants whom complete for the men open category and 50 for the women open category.

L-R : Carrie and Reen. we arrived early there so have extra time to camwhore around the place. for my visitor friends who don't understand Malay language on the banner - SELAMAT DATANG means WELCOME. MERENTAS DESA TERBUKA means CROSS COUNTRY OPEN.

L-R : Ruby, Carrie & Reen. they are the regular female runners you'll seen around at most of the Klang Valley organized run.

one of the FTAAA official explaning the rules and route to the participants.

into the 3+ km hot & humid jungle trail. total lenght for the men open was about 9+ km (according to someone GPS). women open and men veteran only need to do about 6+ km.

that's my position number in the men's open category, with time taken around 55 minutes to complete. even thought the route was really tough with lots of sloops and hills to conquer, i was happy with my result.

me with Ironman Yip here. he finished in 6th position in the men's open category, time taken around 40+ minutes only !!!

me with Steven, another strong veteran runner. he's also the President of Kota Kemuning Runners' Club.

Reen come back in 22nd position in her women open category.

my new "sweet & sweaty" friend, Ms.Wati. she finished in 25th position.

Ruby, who is one of my fellow Klang runner friends, finish in 28th postition.

and finally, saw my darling Carrie coming back slightly after one hour to be in 34th postition.

Yen Erl (in red) and Tan Yit Chang in the middle. the one on the right i can't recall his name.

L-R : Pui San and Alexis in sporting running skirt. they didn't participate at said event, instead went for LSD earlier in the morning and return there to support us.

finally, a group photo with fellow runners. more pictures available to view at my facebook.


Che said...

im jeles (of the medal) :P

it was tough but enjoyable kan?


dannie chOOng said...

hey Che, thanks for dropping by here. indeed it was a tough (and enjoyable) run. knowing said event only offer limited medal, i was really pushing myself to the max. toward the last 1km, i was head to head with this Klang Pacer guy and not wanting the be the 101th again, i "pia" till white foam comes out from my mouth !!! muahahaha...

Christy said...

Congratulations on your medal! Glad you enjoyed the run! Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Love the pics! Looks like a fun race. And you all did great!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment! Happy running =)

Anne said...

Thanks for coming by my blog Dannie...Congrats on a great race!!
How great to be able to read bout you guys who are way out in Malaysia...very cool! :)

Moore On Running said...

Sweet medal! Love reading your blog. The quote you have at the top of your page is awesome!