10 January 2011

Charity Dinner for GSH Education Fund

The other passion of mine besides running, I'm also actively involved in charity with one of the orphanage home in Klang Valley called Good Samaritan Home. Said home have about 32 orphanage children now. And beginning 2011, they'll have 7 little toddlers whom will be ready for Kindergarten (pre-school) whereby each kid would require about RM$2,400 in term of school fees for the whole year. 7 kids mean the home would need extra RM$16,800 for it !!!

Together with few good friends, namely Shereen Tan and Reen Ong, I spearhead said Education Fund project in mid-December in order to raise enough money to send these 7 little kids to school without adding extra financial burden to the home. Thanks to our many generous friends & donor, we manage to achieved more than the require amount within less than a month. Said charity dinner (on 9 Jan @ Klang Executive Club) was the last event for said project, whereby a total of RM$11,000 was raised through it.

Even though we have successfully reached our target for said "pre-school Education Fund", the home do still need our continuous assistance on their other daily expenses like food, clothing, transport, etc. As such, anyone who wish to participate in contributing to these needs, it would be very much appreciated by the home. Details of the home as follows ;

2, Lebuh Jelutong, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.
Contact Number : +6 03 33722289.
Contact Person : Pastor Albert Ong / Auntie Y.M. Tey / Pastor Esther Ong

Christmas Fruits Cake project (lead by Reen Ong) which contributed RM$4750

one of the little kiddie whom thanks to your generous support, she'll be going to pre-school without problem. (picture taken by Carrie)

L-R : Shereen, Alan Wong and K.M. Yeong

L-R : Reen Ong, Shereen Tan and Carrie

our generous donor friends !!! BIG THANKS to you guys

Reen Ong with Timothy

Standing : Richard & Jennifer
Seated : Badrul & Kim

L-R : Auntie YM, Eileen and Shereen

some of the kids from the home

some of the kids from the home

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