11 October 2010

2 Runs, 1 Wedding & 1 B'day Celebration

Woke up 4.45am on said morning (10.10.10). Rush to KLCC for the NIKE run, then rush to Lot 10 for the hooHa run, then rush to Brickfields for my good friends (Choon Lai & Carolyn) ROM, then rush to Kelab Darul Ehsan at Ampang for Nik birthday celebration. Back home almost 4pm. Thus' 10.10.10 was a rush rush day for me, but it was all good... many more picture can be view at my Facebook...


ahlost said...

Wow.. It was really a rush day for you.

Rush here and there and there and there :D

I super love the Nike shirt lor.. very nice *envy*envy*

I registered for Hooha but couldn't make it to KL this time. Huhuhuhu..

But but.. I shall be seeing you in Penang I supposed :D

dannie chOOng said...

yup, the NIKE t-shirt was nice, wud be better if they give finishing medal instead of that weird finishing doll.... okie Rose, hope to see u @ Penang next month. remember to call me when see me yeah (coz' i quite shy to say hi to girls lar) !!! :)